About company

The "Aura City NN" Company is the biggest in Nizhniy Novgorod trade company of lighting equipment.

The main business focuses of "Aura City NN" company are: making lighting decisions for residential and public buildings, architectural illumination of buildings and constructions, interior design and furniture selection. Our team of highly qualified and experienced managers can handle projects of any scale: from common apartments to architectural monuments, cottage villages and even modern stadiums.

The grocery ruler of the company is consist from the well-known popular lighting equipment of low price segment and high quality European interior and architectural lighting equipment of average and maximum price segments.

The company works in three directions:

  • Distribution of the light equipment
  • Distribution of the electro installation
  • Consulting. The given division of the company renders consulting services on selection of the lighting equipment, carries out lighting calculations, and also design distribution.

In the work we closely cooperate with architects, designers, builders of our city.
Presentations and trainings are important part of our work.
Similar actions cause heightened interest in our regular clients.
The partner network of "Aura City NN" is being continuously expanded and at the moment our company is cooperated more than with two hundred designers and architects.

Special actions directed on promotion
of brands of manufacturers.

We carefully choose partners
We appreciate:
Originality of factory
Granting of special conditions of cooperation as whole to all modeling line and on separate positions
Presence of the certificate of quality in territory of Russia
Logistcal, information supports of execution of the order
Information, advertising support (catalogues, CD, web-site, trainings)